Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rae by Google Images

Got this from Lara's blog and had to try it!! (You don't mind, do you, Lara?) :)

You have to answer the questions with a Google image search. No using your own pictures.

1. A place you would like to travel: (Sitka, Alaska)

2. Favorite food

3. Favorite dessert

4. Your name:

5. Favorite animal

6. Your pet's name: (minus the Belinda)

7. Favorite singer(s): (Just one of many)

8. Town you live in

9. Current job

10. Favorite author

11. Favorite color

12. A bad habit

13. Favorite objects

14. Favorite song: (Just one of MANY)


Abby Hanson said...

That is so cool! What a fun idea. I have to copy you now.

Who is Rachel McAdams? I've never seen her in anything.

Love Barbara Kingsolver. I think it's time to re-read The Poisonwood Bible.

Crystal said...

Very fun post. I think I'll have to copy day...

Abby!!! Rachel McAdams!!! The Notebook!!!!

I was going to ask who your fav author is. I didn't recognize her. Good thing Abby got here first.

I didn't know you played the cello. I played the violin from 4th grade thru HS.

Love Ingrid!! Love love love her!

Lara said...

Cool! Of course I don't mind, this is exactly what people are supposed to do with these things. :)

Loved it!

Will&Marie said...

Awesome post! What a fun idea...I admire clever people who think up unique posts. :)

Anna said...

Very cool. I was going to say something else, but I had a brain fart. :)

camilla said...

cool! That picture of cedar broke my heart. I'm so excited to come, but after seeing that pic, and the way it made me feel, i don't know if i'm ready yet. :( It will make me too sad and homesick for cedar. :(

chucknorris said...

rae, your favorite food is BEANS??