Saturday, February 9, 2008

Green Reed

We were driving home from the gym and almost to our street when Reed said in a panic, "Mom! Stop! Turn around and go back! There was a plate in the dish--a bush in the plate--dishes--a plate in the bush! And it was plastic!" Now, while I happen to think (like my mom so wonderfully put it) that Al Gore is a real-life Gilderoy Lockhart, and global warming is not the looming catastrophe it is made to be (GASP!! Did I really just say something so controversial? Dear me!), I do happen to love this planet we live on, and Reed's panicky concern was really sweet, and definitely to be commended. So I turned around and let Reed out to get the plastic plate out of the bush, and promptly disposed of it when we got home. :) Every day my children have some way of encouraging me to try a little harder, be a little better, grow a little more. It's (sometimes) painful and (most often) sweet.