Friday, February 1, 2008

Definitely worth posting

Our bedroom and bathroom are immaculate (and the furniture all smells lovely like orange oil furniture polish), the carpets are all vacuumed, the countertops are clean and clear and the table is clean and clear, Savvy's room is clean, the boys' room is clean, their bathroom is usable (even if a stranger stopped in to use it), and while the laundry is far from done, it is not spread across all corners of the house. It is at least sorted into clean and dirty and put in spots where we won't walk on it or drown in it! And the livingroom is clean--no toys on the floor, no un-livingroom-ish things lying around. And oh yeah, the kids are happy.

Aaahhh.....feeling accomplished. Definitely worth blogging about, as I'm sure this moment is fleeting. But still--yay!


camilla said...

That is AMAZING!! We are semi-clean. I am in the process of washing all the toys. It turns out that this sickness we've had for a MONTH is because you can catch it over and over again. SO it's like....really?? Will we ever get better then? You are my inspiration!

Cody and Suzanne said...

Oh yay, I love that feeling, sadly at my house it doesn't last long, we have a two story house and when I am up, they are down, when I am down, they are up and with that comes a whole new mess to clean up, argh.
You are such a supermom and Phil is sooo lucky to have you, actually I prefer the word blessed.

You need to post pics of your house, I haven't gotten to see any since you moved.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Cody was secretly hoping that the packers were in the superbowl, he wanted you guys to come down here for a visit, I did to.

Crystal said...

My goodness! You've been busy! I love when my house is like that, but it only lasts for like 10 minutes :)

Lara said...

Ahhhhh....hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! Hope even more it's still lasting! (Mine isn't.)

Will&Marie said...

Awesome! I wish I could say the same about our house right now.