Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big deal? Yes.

Lately my mind won't stop writing. Every time I see anything that provokes any reaction in me, I don't just want to take a picture. I want to write about it. I have to write about it. Little snippets of writing keep snaking through my mind, begging to be tacked down to paper.

We like to call it The Great and Terrible Hard Drive Crash of 2005. Amongst other things lost: 200 pictures (albeit low-quality) lost, and 200+ pages of writing (12pt. Times New Roman blood, sweat, and tears....) I haven't written (just to write--not including blogging) consistently since then. So this is a big deal for me. Which is why I thought I'd let everyone in my blogging circle know.
Three cheers (one for each child?) for trying to revive the creative drive. (That rhyme was almost accidental.)


Abby Hanson said...

Good for you!!! Have you read the Conference talk by Elder Perry from Priesthood session yet? If not, you'll get this better after you do -- but all the same, you're raising the bar!!!

I LOVED the tidbit you emailed me earlier and will of course be expecting more. :)

Anna said...

I am so sorry about your hard drive crash, that is horrible. I would've cried too!

chucknorris said...

Roy!!! this is my first time making a comment. but ive been reading your blog since i miss you. it's fun to read, so is abby's. good for you on wanting to write again. i actually remember when you lost all the stuff you wrote. that's just AWFUL. i would probably take just as much time to get up the courage to write again, if not more... do you still play yoru cello much? i mean, i know you're a 24/7 mom of THREE, but i was just wondering. oh by the way, sorry you lost the photos. i didn't know you lost those too, i thought it was just writing. bye now! (im sending you some stuff for christmas!!)oh yeah! this is maddie!! im not sure why they're calling me chuck norris, that's my password!