Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sunday the 11th is Veteran's Day


Phill is the platoon sergeant for this platoon, and so I was able to accompany him to the airport in St.George yesterday afternoon to welcome these soldiers home. (6 soldiers, I think) He called a lot of media outlets there in St.George to get the word out, and the support was awesome--notice the several Korean War & Vietnam veterans attending, and the Patriot Guard that greeted the soldiers as they exited the airport. It was nice to be welcoming soldiers home--although it was nice, too, that I wasn't welcoming Phill home. :) I don't want to have to do that again. Anyway, it was just a really uplifting time to be at the airport and see all the families and friends greet the people they've missed most for the past year.


Will&Marie said...

Wow! You took some really awesome pictures. You're quite the photographer and writer. I love reading your blog, and wanted to tell you that you could easily be published in LDS Living Mag if you wanted...the way you write is so captivating! :)You should pitch them that story you wrote about that veteran you met and how you collect people. I think that's a really compelling story. :)

Creative Catharsis said...

Thanks, Marie! You're so sweet. :)

Crystal said...

Ok, I'm not a very weepy person, but I seriously cry every time I see soldiers coming home!!

And yeah, totally submit that story to LDS Living...or The New Yorker.

Anna said...

Yeah, how exciting to have those soldiers come home. I am so grateful for men and women who fight and defend our country, but feel for them that they have to be so far from home and family.