Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Words II

I'll be posting my Thanksgiving dinner pictures (not terribly exciting, but informative) in a day or two, just in case any of you are waiting with baited breath....:) Hahhaha. Right.

In connection with Abby's recent post, I had to post some of our family words, most of which are courtesy of Reed:

amn't (also listed on Abby's blog, this is a contraction of "am" and "not", and I have to say I find it quite useful. Reed debuted this awesome concoction at age 3. He's 5, and we still use it all the time.)

benember (Reed's mispronunciation of "remember". He has pretty much outgrown it, but we just like it. It makes us happy. Do you benember?)

"Mom, your chest is chunky." (Figure out this one yourself. He says it lovingly, and to describe my womanly form, but I'm not so fond of it. And yet it sticks.)

And the last one that I can think of off the top of my head:
"Oh, chips!" (This one is the result of Phill finding Jaxon covered in dish soap--mostly in his eyes--and repeatedly saying oh-something-else in his panic. Reed was hiding guiltily, and the next morning, he said, "Mom. When something bad happens, Daddy says, 'Oh chips oh chips oh chips oh chips!!'" Of course we prefer this version of the memory.)


Abby Hanson said...

Fun! I'll have to do another on mine, I didn't really think about the words the girls have coined in our family. :) I love BENEMBER. I thought chunky was because you had a cold...I think that'd be a cute use of it too.

Pam Dana said...

This was such a cute post! I really like the "oh chips" one - I might have you start using that once we have a little one around. It is a great substitute for our regular word!! haha :)

camilla said...

what about....was it sparkley spew or something weird like that for broccoli? charkly chew? let me know cause I feel like a weirdo posting those words!

camilla said...

OH! and i AM dying 2 c your thanksgiving pics. too see what I missed!

Creative Catharsis said...

!!!! CHARCOLI CHEW !!! (For broccoli-because of a line in a book about how dinosaurs eat their food: "Does he spit out his broccoli partially chewed?")

camilla said...

i knew it was from a book, but couldn't quite remember! We say that sometimes in honor of reed. :)

Will&Marie said...

Loved this blog. It totally made me laugh.