Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photo Overload Part II: Staheli Farms

I'm sure lots of you have already seen most of these on my Facebook page, but I thought I'd put them up here, too. Just for kicks. :)

First up are photos from our visit to Staheli Farms, where we got to enjoy a playground (with corn!), a pumpkin patch, farm animals (that the kids refused to touch), and a corn maze.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Wow we really did do some similar things! Your photos are 50 times better than mine though. Maybe if I had my good camera along with me I could compare, but you're still a much better photographer. Anyway....You look like you had SO much fun this weekend!

Lara said...

Wonderful wonderful! Savvy just makes me happy!

And, I want your hat. :)

Qait said...

I love the one towards the end with all three of them walking! Reed's got his foot up and Jaxon's walking kind of seriously and then Savvy's running in the other direction... :D I love it!
Thanks for taking so many pictures all the time. It makes it less hard (by a little) to be far away from you.