Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photo Overload, a.k.a., Playing Catch-Up: Halloween

I wasn't even going to dress up for Halloween, until Phill told me HE was planning on it...and then I quickly came up with June Cleaver, using stuff I had on hand (interestingly enough), except for the pearls and my lipstick. :) And the fake eyelashes.

Now, Phill....Phill, being the jokerster that he is....Phill's good friend, local radio personality Jon Smith, kept telling Phill that he should be the Brawny paper towel guy for Halloween. But Phill didn't like that idea, and chose, instead, to dress as our very own.....(drumroll, please)....JON SMITH! Jon's face when he saw Phill was priceless. He is very rarely surprised, and he was beyond surprised. Here are pictures for comparison. Hard to see in the first photo, but Phill actually put black makeup in his hair to take the transformation even further.

Savanna was an ornery (and tail-less) kitty.

Jaxon, our ninja. He's good at mysterious.

Reed, a pirate. Not entirely sure what he's doing here? One of only a couple photos I got of him--he was raring to go and only lightly humored me!


Lara said...

I love Halloween! :)

I'm seriously stealing your June Cleaver costume next year. Did it drive you nuts to go in heels? Because that's why I stayed home and passed out candy this year. I didn't think I could hack the heels and I didn't want to ruin my formal concert dress that I actually use to sing in by not wearing heels. :)

The Leishman's said...

Love all the pictures!