Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food Math

Six huge pieces of cheesecake over two days = five pounds

No, Camilla, I can't eat that much cheesecake with impunity. :)

Back to the treadmill after my long, languishing break.


Christine & Brian said...

I so feel your pain, good luck getting back to the treadmill!

Abby Hanson said...

Just tell me it was worth it! Because I think it WOULD be to ME!! :) Pregnant or not. :)

But yes, good for you for heading back to the treadmill. There's your motivation returned, however reluctantly. 6 slices of cheesecake = weight gained over two days = a reason to workout again. :)

Lara said...

The worst part, is that what is so enjoyable and quick to gain is so not enjoyable and slow to lose. Bah, humbug. Why does it have to be so hard? (I know the answer, but I am struggling with my own cheesecake issues from the holiday!)

Qait said...

Hoorah, Rae! You can do it!
Just the WORD cheesecake makes me want to make some and eat it.
Mmmmm...I think the key is sharing it with your friends. :| That's the ONLY way I'd be able to not eat six pieces, too. Or the whole thing.
In a disgustipating health guru's voice: "The treadmill is your friend!"

Melissa Pierce said...

Rae, that delicious five pounds is just hanging out in your intestines, high fiving all the other food as it slowly makes it way down your gullet. It's hoping (oh, it's ever so hopeful) that it will have a chance of sticking around, but alas... how can it now that you have rekindled your relationship with the treadmill?

camilla said...

Don't worry, one thing i've learned, if it comes on fast, it comes off fast. And then I will be jealous again!