Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleep & Quotables

I have gotten out of bed before 7:00 or 7:30 since Monday morning, up to today. (Gasps all around, expressions of disbelief, now the applause....)

It was Phill's idea that we get up together when he gets up for work, and have some quiet time together before the kids. And although the kids have accordingly adjusted their wake-up times--I think Jaxon wants to be Phill when he grows up--I can really see the benefits of waking up early and finding something to do right away. My productivity level has skyrocketed! Sort of. I admit I've also been very, very tired, and certain things have fallen by the wayside some days.

Phill has been so sweet to me, being very calm and saying very soothing things in response to the melodramatic statements I tend to make upon waking up and having to move my muscles before I want to. ("I think I'm going to vomit all over the sheets..." - Phill: "I know, sweetie, just start moving." - "It just feels like the world is coming to an end...." Phill: "Yes, sweetie, it's not." - "It hurts to move! I'm going to die, I'm sure I'm going to die!"Phill: "You're so much prettier than me when you wake up." - "I will never feel happy every again!" - "You will once we get moving and have some breakfast. It's okay.")

Waking up cheerfully and smoothly seems to be one of my major difficulties. But I'm learning to just be quiet right when I wake up, or to just let myself cry for a minute (I'm laughing at myself. Go ahead, you keep laughing too.), or remember that I only feel dead for the first half-hour or so. I believe it's called sleep inertia? As much as I'm laughing at myself now, I'm telling you, it is no laughing matter as I wake up! It's painful. I'm nauseated, shaking badly, and feel for an extended period of time (at least ten minutes) like I feel when I am falling asleep and abruptly jerking awake. And my body doesn't move like it should. When I go to get Savvy out of her crib if she wakes up at night, I often bump into things (okay, walls) because I'm so clumsy right out of bed. So! This is quite the triumph for me.

And now for some cute quotables:

Lily and her mom and sister visited us for a few days this week! Reed had some cute conversations with her, one of which sounded like this:
R: We could get you a pony. We would just keep it in the backyard. Would you like that?
L: Yeah!
R: Sometimes it would need to poop. We would just let it poop in the backyard. Mom, is that okay if her pony poops in the backyard? (He asked me in all seriousness.)
Sometimes we'll just turn on the hose if he gets thirsty. Right, Mom? Lily's pony can just drink from the hose?

A few days ago Jaxon said with great concern, "There's a cheek on me. Can you kiss it?"

Last night the sun was behind a huge rain cloud and lining it with gold, and shafts of light were coming down through the cloud and around it. Reed looked up and shouted to me, "Mom!! That looks just like when Heavenly Father came down to the Nephites!!"


Heidi said...

I feel your pain with the waking up earlier than your body wants to but I'm still totally laughing at how you described it. :) Not laughing at you, but at how perfectly you summarized the inertia...

kathy said...

I hate to wake up. It is so awful. You are so descriptive though.
I tagged you, check my blog out and you will see. I have been tagged and I guess that means I have to pass it on. If you get a chance check it out.

Cara jean said...

Marc and I have tried this whole get up together thing a few times. We begin with gusto and it usually turns to me using excuses of why I need more sleep that particular morning...and every morning from then on. It can be done! Don't get me wrong. I used to wake at 5:30 when I was in high school and had early morning seminary. I think I was more resilient before having two kids though.

Lara said...

While I definitely enjoy the benefits of waking up early and getting lots done, I do NOT like it. Not one bit. And I feel the same way as you, and I am a grouch, and Joel has learned to just leave me alone in the morning. :)

chucknorris said...

good for you rae! i know how you feel, sometimes it's SO HARD to get up and you feel like ripping off anyone's head who won't let you sleep more right? hahaha. it's good that phill's so sweet. that can only help. and those quotes, those are awesome! i love your blog. i miss you everytime i think of you (not like im depressed, you know what i mean right?) so it's good that you write on here.

Andrea said...

Yeah, I got out of bed around 9 this morning. The kids were in and out of my bed for about an hour, and I finally heard something (can't remember now what) that made me realize for J's safety I find out what he was up to.

Loved that cheek kiss comment.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I LOVE those last two qutoes Rachel, especially the cheek one! How cute kids are. :) (Sigh)