Thursday, April 24, 2008

Successful Homecuts!!

Finally!! I have succeeded in giving the boys passably nice home haircuts! The second home haircut that I ever gave Reed was my only success until now. Evidence of last summer's horrible flop:(I know I have a somewhat sick sense of humor, but his expression just begged for it.) That's what happened when I asked Phill to do their haircuts, and instead of using my words like a big girl, I said, "Use the more setting." Thinking MORE hair left over, and of course he thought more CUT OFF. Can you blame him? He took the first cut and I turned around and gasped. We had to finish. The boys looked like they were going through chemotherapy for the first few weeks of summer. At least they weren't hot, right? Rrriiiight?Poor guy. Looks like Samson losing his strength. "Nnnnooooooo!!!!!"
This one is the second haircut I ever gave Reed, and it turned out just lovely. It was just after this, when his hair started to get coarse and grow in five different directions, and I became somewhat addled by the daily toils of being mom to two and then three, that my haircutting skills took a serious nosedive.
But look! Today I have regained whatever I lost--composure?--to cut my boys' hair in a passably nice fashion. It's still wet in the photos, and I can see where I made my mistakes, but at least I didn't have to pay $20-$30 to go get it done. And that's every six weeks! I'm not joking when I say our family needs a haircut fund. Phill gets his hair cut every six weeks, the boys need theirs cut every six weeks, and my hair ought to be thinned every six weeks. Do you realize that that is about $70.00 every six weeks? Ridiculous. So if I can do it this well myself, well, I will. Yay! Yay for my first homecut success in three years. Oh--I ought to mention what helped. We watched a YouTube video of haircutting with scissors, and Reed liked it and wanted to help. He gathered a towel and everything for me, and was very patient and still. Seeing how awesome Reed was, Jaxon wanted in on the fun, and so his went well, too!


Andrea said...

Good for you. Matt relented a few years ago and let me start cutting his hair. It doesn't always look that great, but after a few days it looks fine.

I've been thinking I should cut Jonas' hair. It's so thin, but the long parts are very long. Not sure if the clippers will scare him too much of if I'll have to attempt scissors.

camilla said...

Nice! About time you learn to cut hair! lol. J/k. John has cut his own hair since I've known him, nice having such a low maintenance man. I figure for now I can cute lily's hair every other time, you know, mess it up and then let the people fix it so i can mess it up again? But as you know, it's not like she has much hair to even work with. My hair is sooo long, and I am in DESPERATE DESPERATE Need of a haircut. But no $$. Good job! Cute kids!

Abby Hanson said...

Great job on the haircuts!

What's up with Reed's expression? It's like GQ in training. Funny kid.

Anna said...

Good job. They look great.
I keep meaning to try to learn how to cut Michael's hair, but I am a big big chicken. Maybe I should have a boy next, then I won't feel quite as bad if I messed up on a little boy. It would give me good practice. :)

chucknorris said...

awww reed from way back then is still so cute! that brings back memories which is cool. good job on the haircuts! :D

Cara jean said...

Ha! My husband cuts his own hair AND sits down to pee. P.S. My husband goes for the Lex Luthor look.

Lara said...

Joel won't let me touch his hair with scissors. Oh well...I probably would make a mess of it.

But that first picture of Reed? Totally hilarious!