Friday, January 11, 2008


Christine, I think I've got you beat on the I'm-proud-of-my-child posts....this one is monstrously full of pictures.

Nope, I don't have the house clean yet, or the numerous projects done yet. But I have resolved to be more forgiving, and so: I forgive myself! The house is not clean, but it's okay--I'm doing my best! :) Savanna has been in an ultra-clingy stag
e lately, so it's very hard to get much done without her surprisingly loud--and impressively persistent--protests ringing in my ears (and throughout our annoyingly echo-y house).

I have managed to take a lot of pictures. I realized when Abby, Liz and I were getting our calendars made for the grandparents/parents, I had hardly any pictures of the kids! I mean, I had several get-dressed-and-let's-take-some-photos photos, but hardly any of them playing and just being kids. So I resolved this year to take pictures whenever I feel like it, whether Savvy has sweet potatoes in her hair (which is actually pretty cute) and whether I don't have the ideal lens on my camera, and even if it's a time when it's hard to not use the flash, and even if the house isn't clean in the background. I've done great with this particular renewed resolve (big surprise, right?), and I already have several folders-full just for January. So I chose to share some of them with all you bloggity friends, especially because last night we had sort of a milestone night with Savvy! Nothing that huge, just her first "big-girl" chair and her first ponytail. And the night before that, her hair was sopping wet in the tub, and I couldn't believe how long it was (all straightened out) that I thought I'd post those, too. And a few Without further ado:

First they were just "keeping her company".....

And then Reed just begged to feed her, and he was already feeding her little strawberry-apple puffs on a spoon, so I went ahead and let him feed her some carrots. I'm glad I did. He was so proud of himself, I just didn't care about the clean-up.
One of Carlisle sleeping on his favorite perch, just for kicks.
Behold the ponytail....
And behold the cutie. :)

This sort of pouty-lipped look is her favorite lately.
I was just holding the camera this morning and Reed said, "Now one with my arm around." Look at the ecstatic expression on Jaxon's face. He's a little bear-ish in the morning. He just wants to eat his "loop loops" and be alone.
Happy and sleepy and crying a little bit....preparation for the roller-coaster teenage years?
Wow. She really was tired. Poor chickee.



Christine & Brian said...

You win for most photos in one blog! I'm so proud...okay so how long do you wait before giving your kids solid stuff? like I see Savy with fruit loops but when I try to give Max those baby fruit puffs he just gags and throws up. How do I transition to more solid stuff? Oh and he doesn't have teeth yet either, I don't know if that makes any difference.

camilla said...

me and john love the pic of savvy with a ponytail! It's too cute! she looks too much like jax, and phill. Can't wait to see you on PRESIDENTS day weekend! woo!

Cody and Suzanne said...

I just love the picture of Savy with the big smile on her face and the tear in her eye, that's how I walk around most days.

Anna said...

Very cute photos! I love the random shots, it just makes life feel a little more real.