Friday, January 18, 2008

Just posting for 100% sentimental reasons

I'll be using any of the Photoshop knowledge I have to "restore" this photo of my brother, Isaac. My mom sent it to me because it's stuck to the glass and tore a little when she tried to remove it. I'm really just posting the picture because I think he's just so sweet! And my Jaxon looks a lot like he did.
*Quick update: Savanna is crying it out (for fewer minutes every time) for naptimes and falling asleep earlier at night. Thank you to all of you who gave such sound advice! I'm feeling a little more sane, and somewhat better-rested.


chucknorris said...

i LOVE that photo of him :)
mom told me how you were going to fix that, i didn't knwo it was possible!
love ya

Will&Marie said...

Very sweet, and how fun that your boy looks like him.