Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hinckley & Reed

I didn't know if I wanted to blog about President Hinckley's passing, but after reading a few friends' blogs on the subject, I do want to. But only a little. I just want to say that although I will miss his voice and his ongoing counsel dearly, I am happy thinking of his being reunited with Marjorie. That's really all I can think of--how happy he must be right now, and what an incredible life he lived.

Last night on the news there was a little piece about youth (in many states) who had dressed in Sunday apparel on Monday to honor the Prophet. That made me cry, especially because of my (new) calling in Young Women. I love hearing of the youth doing things like that, things that show that they are soft and loving and vulnerable and honorable. And it reminded me that President Hinckley was loved by people of all ages. Last night I explained to Reed that the Prophet had died. His biggest question was "Why?", to which we responded that President Hinckley was very old, had done what Heavenly Father needed him to do on earth, and that it was time for him to join his wife in heaven and continue working there. We talked a little about his life and his countless contributions to the Church, and then just sat quietly for a little while. Then Reed looked very somber, so I asked, "Are you okay, Reedo? What's the matter?" And he said, "My head hurts." So I said, "Do you remember that President Hinckley will be resurrected one day?"
Reed - "Why?"
Me - "Because everyone will be resurrected one day. It might take a long time. But it will happen."
Reed, with a smile now - "Yeah. Like your brother Reed will be resurrected."
This boy understands.
He went to sleep without teasing Jaxon at all last night, and had an expression of contemplation on his face as he drifted off.


Anna said...

Very sweet.

Lara said...

He sure does understand it. :) Love the things I learn as I teach my children.

chucknorris said...

rae, you have the sweetest kids. but also, i think that shows you're doing something right in your parenting. well, you and phill and the holy ghost i guess. yeah, when i heard about President Hinckley I cried, but only for a few minutes and I only cried cause I'll miss him. The fact that he's dead is ok, you're right that he's with his wife, and he's done with earth now! Good for him, actually, he made it!! :D He passed the test, with an A++ :)

camilla said...

wow. that is so awesome.