Friday, December 28, 2007

Elephant shoes to Phill

Today Phill and I have been married for six years! It's hard for me to write something great about this subject, because every word I choose just seems trite, given the magnitude of my feelings for my husband. I'm going to try, though!

I am so grateful to be married to Phill. He stabilizes me, he makes me laugh, he believes in me and supports me. I'm proud to be married to him, and I'm honored that he chose me as his eternal partner. I love how dedicated a father he is, and I love that he helps me gain perspective when I'm overwhelmed. I love his sense of humor and his willingness to laugh at himself. I miss him when he's not here, even if he's only at work, and I love how the kids yell "Daddy!" and run to him when he gets home.

Phill, I love you! I appreciate you! I'm grateful that we found each other, and I'm grateful for the life we've created together. I can't wait for our 2oth, 50th, and especially our 75th when we will be old and wrinkled and smiling with deep crow's feet, with our picture in the paper with all the other 75th-anniversary old-timers. The moment you walked into the room, I knew I was done.

Happy Anniversary!

These two pictures are from our sealing in February of 2005 (thanks, Christine, for taking these!), but I figured that they're appropriate, given that we are together and very smiley in them. (Somehow we just haven't found time to take pictures together....except as a family.)This one is also not that recent--August of 2006, to be exact. But I like it.


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pics! You guys are so cute together!

Will&Marie said...

Congrats!! I can't believe you've been married for six years!!! Amazing!!!

chucknorris said...

roy, i love that photo, but... where are your legs??????

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! That last pic of your guys is super fab!!

Christine & Brian said...

Happy Belated Anniversary. You guys are so perfect for eachother. I didn't realize that you and my sister Tammy have the same anniversary exactly, they just celebrated their 6 year anniversary as well. Hope you had a great holidays!