Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clementine trees

Reed just "planted" a clementine seed outside in a Tupperware container open and full of water.....I don't have the heart to tell him that it probably won't grow, even given soil instead of a plastic container of water. I told him it needed sunshine, so he put it out there, and he sat on the couch watching it, waiting, and finally said, "Mom, it's not growing!" And I said, "You have to wait a few days." His dismayed response: "A few days?! Mom, that is so long! I will put some soil in there." He's talking to me about a little tree of clementines. Oh, I just can't tell him!! :) Anyone know of some things I can plant right now, here in Utah, that will be showing at least sprouts in a little while? I think that'll ease his disappointment when he realizes there will be no clementine trees in our backyard. Or maybe I can grow something indoors in a little window box? Any tips?

I bought a journal yesterday, not because I've been needing one--heaven knows that as the Paper Maven/Office Obsessed, I have enough notebooks and paper and journals for a year--but because it was really pretty and big. And I decided I'll use it at least in part to do what President Henry B. Eyering talked about in his talk this last October (LDS General Conference October 2007). I just liked how the journal looked. So I bought it. And it was very satisfying to write in it last night.

Our ward is doing Secret Sister stuff, and last night, I got some REALLY awesome stuff from mine! I got a great wreath, and I love the color combination of the boxes I was given, the tiffany blue and chocolate brown. Oh, and they're full of goodies.

Lastly, I have to post these cute pictures of the babies at bathtime! This is Savanna's first time in the big tub with the boys--she's so tiny I can still just bathe her in the kitchen sink. And I had to post pictures (of course) of how she fell asleep two nights ago, and pictures of Phill reading to the boys. They're reading Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, which makes me cry. (I know, I know, I'm such a boob. Read it, though. It's a very tender story.) *Oh, and I had to post a picture of the kids' outfits, too. So festive--Reed in red, Jaxon in green, and Savanna in off-white. In my effort to take beautiful photos, I forget that it's okay--and necessary--to just take pictures to take pictures....I don't always have to be "on". So be proud of me, Abby. I just took a BUNCH of photos that don't have much to be said for their photographic brilliance--but aren't my babies just lovely? :)


Crystal said...

So much to comment on!

1. You could sprout beans. They are super fast (a day or two?) Buy beans from the grocery store, soak them, and then let them sit overnight in a wet paper towel and that should do the trick.

Or you could buy paper white flowers. They are super easy to grow and are fast too. It's a bulb so you just put them in like a mason jar full of rocks & water. Put it in a dark place & watch it grow! The smell can be overpowering though. (My mom teaches 3rd grade & one year for Christmas she was going to have each kid take home paper whites. 30 paper whites in an enclosed space gives me a headache :)

My sister has kids about your kids ages (and she live in Cedar too!). She found somewhere online that she could buy a caterpiller that would turn into a butterfly. Her kids were totally mesmerized by watching this caterpiller turn into a cocoon turn into a butterfly. Sooo fun!

2. I am also trying to do as Pres Eyring said. He's so inspiring!! And I'm a poet.

3. My parents' backyard fence looks exactly like the one your wreath is on. Makes me homesick :(

Abby Hanson said...

Great suggestions from Crystal on the plants! I was drawing a blank.

As for the caterpillars -- I know about that! Go to www.insectlore.com and you can get 4-5 caterpillars in a jar plus the butterfly habitat for when they come out of their cocoons for $25 and about $7 shipping. I haven't done it yet...but I REALLY want to! I have friends who have and LOVE it. You can get other bugs there too.

I am SO proud of you for taking pictures and just posting them AS IS! I know it goes against your instincts are urge to edit, edit, and then edit just one more time. But these pictures have their own beauty! And I love how you covered Savvy....no blackmail photos this time. :)

chucknorris said...

Roy!!! i miss the family so bad this Christmas you have no idea! it's good you're just taking photos for fun. and i have to say, your whole family is just beatiful, including you of course!! man. i want to be a mom. i dont fully understand what it's like yet but i want to.

Heidi said...

Your babies are very lovely!

Bean sprouts (we had some get 18" tall after the kids brought home the little seed in a cup from primary.)

Wheat sprouts, Kit did that with the kids - wet the wheat, place on paper towel, cover with another and keep damp. They sprout quickly and you can eat them (the kids thought it was funny.) Though the roots grow through the paper towel... kinda creepy.

I love new journals. And good pens. I still keep one for me, though our blog has become the family journal.

And as always, beautiful pictures... :)

Anna said...

The pictures are darling! And I don't need to recommend anything on the growing, I was going to say beans, but Crystal already said that.
That's awesome that you are starting the journal. Michael has been doing that for a while now, and it probably wouldn't hurt for me to do the same.