Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drawbacks of Organization

Just finished getting rid of anything and everything we don't have to have. (Seven hours? My back is saying eight.) Absolutely dismayed to find out that it is still too much for our still quite small apartment, rife with storage & closet space though it may be. Even got rid of four or six (my back says six) bins of baby clothing, in the wake of my decision to be (until further notice) done with pregnancies. The boys' future clothing supply is condensed to a tidy two bins. Savanna's clothing is in one bin and one of those hideous plastic-drawer dressers (that we have so many of) that I managed--by some pregnant magic--to fit into my closet. Because right now it's all a magic trick, and probably will be for some time, to fit these things called Necessities into this thing called an Apartment. I'm trying to quiet the part of me that's itching to throw a tantrum over it all. (So far, I'm only achieving minimal success.)

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