Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quotables, take 2

Savanna has taken to using big-ish words lately, mostly when she's angry. It is VERY hard to keep a straight face when she states emphatically, "Mom, it's the intentioner." It's even harder not to laugh when the big word makes a little sense, like today, when I said, "Savvy, you need to be nice," and her yelled response was: "Quit REMINDING me!"

Jaxon, today:
"Mom! I made an A-B-A pattern with the couch pillows!" (Indeed he had. Solid pillow, patterned pillow, solid pillow.)

"Mom, today our teacher did something really weird."
"Yeah. There was a kid stuck up at the top of some of the playground equipment, and--"
"Did she climb to get him?!"
"YES! It was SO WEIRD!"
"Well....actually Jax, that's kind of cool, since he needed help getting down."
"Yeah, but it looked like she was a grown-up playing on the equipment."


C said...

Oh. My. WORD!!!! I am DYING laughing over all of these! Dying. Like a snort for each line laughing. :) Thanks for makin' my day Rae!

Qait said...

HAhah!!! Made me laugh aloud! For real!
(And I can't help but point out that really is the correct term, to say "aloud" instead of "out loud." LOL is not the gospel truth, man.)
(? Yeah, I know, I'm being weird).