Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts from Liz's House

I wrote that last post in my journal while we were driving. Obviously, some time has passed since then, and I guess that post is probably pretty outdated by now, but I thought it made for some good perspective, considering where we are now!

We arrived at Liz's here in Lawton, Oklahoma, just a day after that post. The car ride was easy beyond belief. The cats were minimally vocal, loved the hotel room, and the kids were pleasant as can be. We felt so blessed, so aware of the prayers of loved ones. We still do, though things are rather more chaotic than those couple of weeks ago.

When we arrived in Lawton, Phill got a call from HRC in Grand Prairie. "Oh, you're here already?" Not the words you expect or want to hear when you've just traveled 1400 miles with your family. It turns out, a mistake was made, a big mistake, and Phill was double-slotted for the position here. Meaning they shouldn't have moved us here at all. Meaning they're trying really hard to make up for that by moving us to Seagoville, 40 minutes away from Grand Prairie, in a few months. The best time-frame we've been given is 4 months to a year before he's in Seagoville. But no paperwork--and if there's no paperwork, it isn't set in stone. So they told us to "just find a place in between the two towns."

Needless to say, we've experienced some extreme anger and frustration over this mistake. But HRC is doing what they can to remedy the mistake, and, as they said, it looks like several people are working on a solution, or at least a more certain time frame as far as Seagoville goes. This has complicated the house search, especially when we would receive new information in the midst of an on-site rental search of Grand Prairie. Twice we've traveled the three hours from Lawton to Dallas, and twice we've come back no closer to tying this all up in a pretty little bow.

Having said all that, I can honestly say that I've learned more in the last four weeks than I have in the last four months. My patience is being tested, and I'm allowing it to grow. I feel closer to Phill and our children. I know--no matter what is happening with our timeline--the Lord's timeline is perfect. He will not give us something we can't weather.

Liz is an ongoing answer to prayers. Her home is a haven, a peaceful, welcoming place. She and my brother-in-law Pat have made us feel as if there is no timeline for us to leave, for which we are deeply grateful. The kids have gotten along so well, with minimal fighting and few meltdowns. They have enjoyed the pool in the backyard, and are handling the upheaval with unrivaled grace. I am in awe.

I don't know that I can ever repay the kindness of my sister and brother-in-law in allowing us to live with them during this transition. They are living proof that sometimes angels come in the form of earthbound people.

Furthermore, when I look back over the last six weeks, I am humbled and moved to the point of tears. I can see the Lord's hand in every area of our lives. The happiness of having family visit for the two weeks before our move. The well-timed comments and messages from friends on Facebook. The incredible goodness of friends who came and cleaned, wrote heartfelt goodbye letters, and babysat our children. The generosity of my parents in opening their brand-new home to us for two weeks, risking holes in the wall, braving stressed-out-kid meltdowns, and listening to the frequent teary monologues of an emotionally-charged daughter. The willingness of friends to let us sleep in their homes, even just for a night. My cousins, happy to host a barbeque in their home in order to host those who wanted to come give us a last hurrah. Links upon links of rentals in Texas, sent from kind and efficient friends, often right at the moment when we need them most.

Heavenly Father has never let us feel that we are homeless throughout all of this; rather, I have had this truth made known to me: that home really is wherever you are loved. I have many homes, many family members, and countless chances to see the love Heavenly Father has for all of His children.

Back soon, I hope, with updates that include a house and a more stable situation! :)


Lara said...

Wow. What an ordeal. And yet, I admire your faith and peace about the whole thing. I will keep you in my prayers and cross my fingers that you'll find the right place soon. And thank heavens for family that's at least in the general vicinity! :)

Sarah said...

WHAT?! You mean you could have stayed my neighbor and the other people who have older children and think they don't need to be social could go elsewhere? Ugh...

Stay strong girl! I know you have it in you!

Kelly said...

You sound like you are being well taken care of, so that makes for a happy ending to this sad post. :( I am sorry about the mix up and the confusion. I wouldn't know how to handle that, especially with school starting soon. Good luck in finding the perfect house, I know it will happen! :)

heidelade said...

You are one of my three sisters in transition right now! Though one signed on a place this week and the other moved into my place last night. I wish I could offer more than encouragement and links and prayers, but I'll continue to offer those and anything else you can think of that may help?? I look forward eagerly to the day you are officially in the metroplex and we can plan visits.

C said...

You just make me sob, Rae. I miss you deeply and am so glad to hear the Lord is more than taking care of you. You are (still) an earthbound angel in my life. I can only hope and pray I am one in yours. All my love,