Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer [In a poem]

My humble apologies I offer to you
not blogging for days--more than a few
my life has been busy, definitely true
but that is no excuse, and I commit anew.

Our summer was full of reunions and fun
visits from family and the flu--I was done.
Don't get me wrong, I adore my loved ones--
but sleep and rest? I didn't get tons.

Instead I got mono of the nucleosis kind,
didn't know I had it through the distracting daily grind
Luckily now, I have put the worst of it behind
and I continue to recover with a freshly-renewed mind

Reed has started second grade, free from boredom's hold
I'm keeping Jaxon home this year, a choice which might seem bold
But he's not yet five, my middle boy, and extra time is gold
I know this was our best choice--and I'll still know it when I'm old.

Savanna grows in leaps and bounds, already three feet tall
Vigor and vim, sweet and sass, she entertains us all
Compassionate and gentle, she's a good mother to her dolls
Though with one shove of her hands she can make her brothers fall....

Phill is active as ever, sports and church ball galore
The man just can't hold still--for him it's really a chore!
With busy-ness, he's happy, and that is what I hope for
I just want to see him smile, this man who I adore

As for myself, I continue to do what I can to progress
through therapy, renewed resolve, trying not to regress
I am definitely far from perfect, but mistakes don't negate success
I keep learning to be brave, and I won't let my fears oppress


Christy said...

Oh, I love this SO much! I've also meant to tell you that I loved your 3 previous writings. I wanted to go to your home and play in your garden and wander the streets with you. Sigh.

Abby said...

Awesome. Makes me think of the one Liz read at the reunion. You guys are so good at that! And Christy too! I don't think that was passed on to me...


Rae said...

Oh sister, I beg to differ;
your skills are quite replete.
For you to rhyme, just take the time
to practice, then repeat....

;) I couldn't resist. I'm such a nerd.

Kelly said...

That is so cute. I hope you do that for your Christmas letter. It is so creative and fun, I wish I was that talented!

The Taylors said...


Qait said...

"mistakes don't negate success" -- awesome.

I love you! And your writing talents!