Monday, July 26, 2010

So long, Penny Lane

After much deliberation and with a heavy heart, we decided today to take Penny back to the sweet friends who gave her to us.

She is a well-behaved dog, and sweet and brave. It has been a blessing to have her in our lives and Reed and I sobbed in the car on the way to take her.

But she is a lot of dog for our young family. Perhaps it's that the timing isn't right. Some small part of me keeps hoping that we'll magically "find" a home with a huge fenced-in backyard, and that Penny will not always be so active (read: hyper), or that Savvy will somehow grow immune to Penny jumping up on her and accidentally clawing her. But I know this is right (at least for now) and while my heart breaks for Reed, who is trying so hard to understand, I am certain that this is best for us at this time.

I feel like I'm writing an obituary!

On a brighter note (is there one? I'm having a hard time finding it at the moment), Penny will be with her MOM AND DAD! (She got to see her dad only a couple of days ago and recognized him--she was out-of-her-mind-happy.) She will have space to run and owners who can devote all of their attention to her.


And still I ache.


Will and Tere said...

sad! our dog LOVED penney. if they are looking at selling her again... let us know. i know my hubby would be super excited!

Shayanne Snodgress said...

I think maybe she was filling some kind of gap in your families lives and she's done her job and now its time for her to return to her own family. I know you guys must've loved her to your hearts content while you had her. And I'm sure she loved that.

chucknorris said...

what!? no!!!! sadness!!!!
im so sorry...
well it was good while it lasted... :C

Qait said...

That IS sad, Rae. :( I feel most sad for Reed and Phill--just because to me it seems like they were the most excited. I'm sure everyone else was, too... does it help Reed to think about Penny being with her parents?
I liked that puppy more than most. She was a very sweet dog.