Friday, April 23, 2010

Dancing Savvy

When my little girl is no longer little
and more woman than girl
she will know how to dance in a man's arms.

She will know to be graceful,
to allow herself to be lead,
and to allow herself to live in just that space.

She will know that she is meant to be
and valued
as something completely unique and indispensable.

All of these things she will know because right now
when she is tiny and yet mostly unmolded
her father puts his hand on her waist
holds her other hand in his, and shows her how to dance:
how to be graceful, how to be lead, how to live in the moment;
shows her what it means to be cherished, protected, and valued--
because each one of us is somebody completely unique and indispensable.

So that when she is grown and fully self-directed,
she will have reference in her mind, this reminder:
This is how you are to be treated, my girl.
This is the safe place from which every good thing comes.


My Family said...

Love this!!! This is def. something that needs to be read at her wedding reception :)

Anna said...

How beautiful.

Marie Photographie said...

Aw, so beautiful! What a wonderful piece to wake up to on a Saturday morning!

Kelly said...

Awww! Little girls need to know that they are cherished (by dad and mom)! I think Savvy knows she is. :)

Shayanne Snodgress said...

Love it! I can see her reading this when she's older. Lovely words.

That Girl said...

Holy CRY.

I second the wedding reception reading.

Liz said...

I love this. I got teary thinking about it and picturing Savvy and her daddy. Of course this is also beautifully written, Rae. It's very insightful and I love it. I also love you very much, Rae. You are a wonderful woman. I am honestly marvelling at you. I marvel that you have become such a beautiful person, blossoming and thriving. Forgive me for saying so in a little "comment" on your blog--I'd rather tell you in person, because this seems a little impersonal, but alas: You have allowed various adversities in life to soften and mold you into a wonderful person! I love and admire you so much! (I'm so happy that I'll see you soon!)

Lara said...


Wipes a tear.

That was beautiful, Rae.

Anna said...

So sweet, I love it!