Sunday, August 30, 2009


Just being really forthright here--

I finally cleaned today. I didn't do top-to-bottom whole-house cleaning. But I took care of some stuff that I had been procrastinating for the last few weeks. (Not an exaggeration.)

Which means I:
emptied milk-chunk out of sippee cups
laboriously scraped dried frosting off of several dishes
unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it full, then washed the remaining forty minutes of dishes
swept (This was disgusting. I have not swept I can't remember. That's BAD.)
vacuumed (This was satisfying.)
wiped down counters
and lastly, which was HUGE for me:
I cleared the desk of all papers, and actually sorted the papers into Trash, File, and Pay Attention.

My reward is a somewhat more clear conscience, a sore mid-back, tired dry eyes, lurking worry about waking up in the morning, resignation to the fact that it will all be undone eventually, and contentment--contentment when I look around my livingroom and kitchen and see what I've done tonight.

I could make excuses like, oh, say, August 2009 was the busiest month of my life. But I know that the root of it all is my persistent procrastinating self! My only real excuse is lack of motivation!

So. Not too important. Certainly not my most impressive post. But I thought it might be nice for the rest of you procrastinators out there to know you're not alone. ;)


Kristy said...

Oh Rae....thanks ;)

Lara said...

Oh yes. Thank you. :)

This last week, since my mom (the UN-procrastinator) has been gone, I've accomplished maybe what she can do in an hour's time on the house.


Thanks for the virtual hug.

And the little kick in the pants.

My Family said...

I hate myself when I do ALL of the cleaning and then I feel like I have follow everyone around making sure they don't mess it up, that takes more energy than actually cleaning and then usually within a day or two it manages to look like I never cleaned it to begin with.

Thank you for sharing with us, it makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one that puts off housework (I am really not cut out to be a maid).

MAG of Marie Photographie said...

Oh, fabulous post. I have been in a cleaning funk myself lately, and I even have guests! Eeek.

Anna said...

Rae, I love you. Thank you so much for admitting to being bad at cleaning. I'm at least as bad, nice to know I'm human. I vacuumed this last weekend, first time in oh so long. And sweeping only happens to keep the dog from eating too many of Willie's rejects. And when it doesn't happen, the dog does it. Thanks again