Thursday, August 20, 2009

Assorted Thoughts & Heat Rage

So much to say; hence the silence: where to start?

I ran 16 miles last Saturday. I was surprised--well actually, flabbergasted--by how good it felt, and how good I felt even when it was over. I highly suspect it had lots to do with the gallon of water I consumed from my Camelbak while running. This bodes well for me!

Reed lost his first tooth. First grade, first tooth....whew. This boy is moving at high-speed, and I'm only barely at his heels. When he got to school that morning (yeah, it happened the morning before school--so perfect!), he was Confident and calm, walking with the posture of a changed man. "Yeah, I lost a tooth. What of it?" Remember when I said Abby, my beautiful sister, and her 4 beautiful girls, were visiting? Here is some evidence--
Tomorrow, I will go up north for a girls' weekend to celebrate my birthday! (which was the 18th, and was lovely) I have no idea what is entailed--Phill has planned it all with smiling hints and intriguing leads, but no real information. I'm excited! I love to be surprised!

It is hot today (111, folks), and it is getting to me. Phill says the seizure was sort of a heat injury, and that my tolerance for heat/cold may be lowered for a while. I must admit that 92 does feel a little more torturous than usual--not to mention 111! Actually, I've always been a wimp about hot temperatures. My temper seems to flare with the heat, so I tend to simply shut my mouth. (If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....) So today has been a quiet, grumpy one--plus a few emotional outbursts on my part. I just.....I just want to yell when the sun is beating on my face and my *sweet* children are saying, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" and tugging at my shirt collar, exposing my bosom for all to see. (No joke! Three times on the walk from the school to the car.)

Needless to say, I probably should go drink some cold water, cuddle with my children, hug my husband, and do some cleaning.

Please pardon my crankiness. It's temporary.


camilla said...

I SO get the crankiness! I am having pregnancy crankiness. My kids are being so sweet and good, but they still want me to watch them and like...touch them and stuff, and I just want to freak out and be like the monster that yells "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" But I have to remind myself that they are being good, and it's my hormonal upheaval, along with my bodies wanting to ...up heave everything. haha. I'm clever. Too bad we don't live close, so we could be crusty together...sad sigh...

chucknorris said...

AWESOME photos! and YES, heat is hard... I know because over here in Hawaii there are days when the sun is IN YOUR FACE and it's sweaty hot like someone stuck your head in their armpit... not cool! while your desire to be good is commendable, i suppose you're... i hate to say this, but... entitled to a bad mood? just because we can't be cheerful 24/7. whatever, i think what i really mean is that i understand how you feel. and good job on trying hard to be a good mom and hold your tongue. haha i read camilla's comment, she's so funny. hey, i got your video on my phone of savvy singing the sunbeam song. i loved it! :D it made me happy.

Qait said...

oh darn, I miss you.
badly. badly badly badly badly.
Really badly, you know?