Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today after getting the boys in bed (sort of), I was chasing Savanna around the living room. She was almost screaming with laughter, and then held on tightly to me when I scooped her into my arms. It was then that it hit me (like it has before on so many occasions) that she is absolutely, deliciously, devastatingly cute.

And just like that, I couldn't put her to bed.

I became completely ineffective and decided instead to take her out in the front and photograph her in the just-set sunlight. Maybe I was hoping to freeze and preserve her off-the-charts beauty. Maybe I was trying to freeze time.

We laid down on the warm concrete of the driveway, looking at the sky.

"Ma, wook! Is ky! See?"

"Yes, Savvy! Sky. I see."

"It fly." (holding a toy airplane in her hands and moving it around in the air above us.)

Today she carried her baby doll all over the house. She was in a panic whenever she mislaid the baby doll, and would search frantically, calling, "Baby! Baby?" until she found her.

Last night she put Baby to bed in a Tupperware container with a dishtowel for a blanket.

Today she bathed her (cloth) baby in the toy wheelbarrow out back, which was filled with sprinkler water, courtesy of Savvy's great assistant, Reed.

Some time earlier this morning I found Savanna laying in my bed, with her dolly (wrapped in the dishtowel) held tightly to her chest, a blanket around them both.
"Is Baby sleeping, Savvy?"
"Dess. Is sleepy tired."

"She's sleepy and tired? Are you taking a nap?"
"Dess. Nap."

Then she patted Baby's back and whispered, "Ssshhhh....okay."


MAG of Marie Photographie said...

I love how you capture these moments with both your words and pictures. She really is SO cute! I don't know how we mother's stand it, spending day in and day out with such heaven-sent little sweeties.

Your photos are gorgeous. 2,3 & 4 are my favorite! :)

Ryan said...


Christy said...

Oh, that wasn't Ryan, that was ME! I forgot to sign him out of Google...silly me.

Heidi said...

Okay, it makes Kit crazy when I make these observations about our daughters (because he doesn't like to consider them growing up) but that middle collage shot, the black & white where you get almost a profile of her face and the wind blowing her little curl of hair? Sorry, but that shot made me think in another 20 something years you're going to get that same profile photo of her on her wedding day as she gazes at her husband. That particular shot just made me smile because sometimes you see this tiny glimpse of the beautiful woman to come in these precious little girls. You captured that glimpse. :)

Lara said...

You're right! She is devastatingly beautiful.

And don't you love it when they are little mothers? I love it, even though sometimes I see a little too much of my not so good example in it. :)

chucknorris said...

Wow Rae, you're gonna be worried when guys start noticing her. i can already tell she'll be a knock out cause she already is in a little kid way haha. She's excruciatingly adorable. It never fails, it always blows me away how beautiful your whole family is, parents included. But of course, it helps that you guys have awesome personalities and I love you... haha but still. Savvy is cute the way she is partly because she had good genes to be made from. Anyways, I'm totally babbling. Just wanted to comment, and I haven't in a long time. Do you get email notifications of your comments? Cause I'm not often current. I love your blog though, you know that, right?
Love ya like a sister =P

carajean said...

If this is what happens to us with our third child, what happens with our fourth?! All the rules gone! Our hearts get so big then pop and our brains turn to mush and all the older kids are saying...mom, you never let us do that!

can you tell I'm the fourth child?

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Those are WAY cute pictures! What a fun night of memories!

My Family said...

Yet again another post that I love!!! I love those moments when your heart is so full that it overflows and the evidence is the permanant smile that is left on your face. I love how baby girls love their babies with all of their little hearts.....it's just so stinkin' cute!