Sunday, December 7, 2008

Temporary Rest

This last week was, hmmm, let me think......:

One long hyperventilating stretch of Busy.

I do make an effort to choose not to be stressed. But there are times that I just seem to drown in the ocean of Things to Be Done!

Monday was big. We had returned from our Thanksgiving trip to SLC the day before, so it seemed that our suitcases were exploded everywhere. Unfortunately they still are. A week later. We made a trip to Cedar, during which I wanted to visit Lara and Mandy and Kathy and Kim and about five other people. But I had to stick with the necessaries. Which meant: Going to pick up headbands and hats (Crafty Moms plug HERE) from Terre! Going to the eye doctor to pick up a sample pair of the right prescription. (I have been wearing the wrong prescription for a few months....I made my last sample ones stretch for several months after my last appointment a year ago. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. I cried when I put on the RIGHT samples. It's insane how different everything looks when you can really SEE!) Going to see my friend who had some herbal remedies tucked away for me as payment for several past photo sessions. (This was most definitely fun.) Eating dinner at Pastry Pub!! Oh, how I devoured that salad and sandwich....Then we went to the storage unit to pick up Christmas decorations, during which I clutched my Josh Groban Christmas CD to my chest and ran jittery from the spiderwebs I could feel in the darkness of that cement room. (ew) So we ended up spending four hours total in the car. Needless to say.....well, needless to say! You can imagine the scene in our car!

Tuesday was great--I had a photo shoot! (Will post soon) It was a gorgeous location and one gorgeous family--complete with many extended. :) I came home and (true to my word to Phill) stayed away from the computer right at first. But by about 7:00, I couldn't resist. I became a blissful zombie, editing away into the night, happy with glazed eyes, talking to myself the whole time.

Wednesday was spent very much on the phone, making phone calls necessary to my part in helping organize our ward's Christmas party. LISTEN UP: If you have ever had a part in planning your ward's Christmas party, MY HAT'S OFF TO YOU!!!! Time-consuming and energy-sapping. And it seems to take a village. Then I also had to make phone calls and had a meeting to plan our Family Readiness Group's Family Day (which happened today).

Friday was the ward Christmas party. I didn't really eat. I was too busy. I took pictures of the kids with Santa (coming soon, like everything else that is crowded on my front-burner right now), and made sure the music people were there and making music. :) Exhausting. But fun! And exhausting. (phew)

Saturday night, went with other FRG leader to shop for Family Day. Up 'til 1 making peppermint bark, which recipe--if you can even call it that--will be guessed it! Soon! I was only up 'til 1 because I was making enough peppermint bark--5 pieces chocolate and 5 pieces white choc./vanilla EACH--for 32 families. 14 batches. Hooray!

Which brings me I would much rather not have had Family Day today. Because this is Church Day for me. However--it was today. And my other FRG lady had to leave ten minutes after it started. So I was the lone sailor, trading the kids off between Phill and I, making sure everything was set up/organized/clean/put away/ feet ache.

But guess what? This week is done. This hairy gnarly week is DONE. And now I can focus on my next to-do's, which are quite fun: Sending off packages, posting pictures of yummy recipes and darling kids, another photo shoot, taking and sending OUR family pictures, Christmas shopping, and holiday hoopla. I'm happy to buckle down and relax.


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Whew! I ache for you! Enjoy the rest.

I love how you express your personality so perfectly in your writing. "Oh how I devoured that salad an sandwich!" I love that! You make me laugh. I really enjoy reading your blog. ;)

Suzanne said...

Busy! Busy! I don't think it will slow down for us until after Christmas, I am tired thinking about the things I have left to do, yikes.

Lara said...

Darn! Wish we could have seen you.

As it turns out, I am not teaching at all down in St. George this month. If I had to, I'd go insane, even though we could use the moolah.

We are probably coming down this week to do a little shopping and see the temple lights. I'll email you.

Glad your busy week is done! And that WAS a busy week! :)

Heidi said...

Missed reading you this week! :) Looking forward to future yummy posts??

Kate said...

I REALLY wanted to see you too. I am glad that last week is over for you. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Missing you and hoping you are great.

Kate said...

I would love to see that recipe. It sounds yummy.

Qait said...

Mmm, I can vouch (sp?) for that peppermint bark!
I bet any woman (particularly mothers with young children) can relate to the hectic whirlwind of busy-ness that's part of life sometimes. :| I also bet none of those ladies would envy you...
I, too, have really enjoyed a temporary rest. I finished a book for the first time in a long time. It felt SO GOOD.