Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Although some of you may have thought from my post yesterday that I had decided not to vote today, I did vote today, and was absolutely undecided until I was standing looking at the ballot for nearly a full minute.

I'm still not happy about my choice. But I'm happy to exercise it. I feel oddly resigned and pretty keyed up about watching the results tonight.
No matter who wins, changes are coming, and instead of feeling like I'm embarking on some grand adventure, I feel like buckling my seat belt and putting my head down over my knees.

Still....*woohoo* for the right to vote!


The Leishman's said...

Rae, you explain yourself so well! I too feel like i just can't get my seatbelt on tight enough! Merilee

The Leishman's said...

Yay!!! I added you to my friends... -Merilee

Suzanne said...

I hope your seat belt is nice and tight :). I wasn't thrilled about the choices, it was like trying to choose the lesser of two evils.