Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today's List of Quotables

On our way home from school, Reed said, "I think if a teenager went to preschool, he wouldn't like it. Maybe he would yell, 'I don't want to learn preschool stuff! I want to learn teenager stuff!'" (Teenager part said in a low voice. Reed is fascinated by teenagers.)

Then, when we got home, he was hugging/holding Savvy and said, "Mama, I missed Savvy when I was at school. I was thinking of her cuteness."

On the way to Kmart this morning, Reed and I were having a long discussion about domesticated/pet tigers. (It's pretty adorable to hear a 5-year-old say 'domesticated'.) [This discussion was followed by about twenty-three questions about volcanoes.] Reed asked if domesticated tigers still ate humans. I told him that if they were extremely mad and extremely hungry, they might try to eat a human. Jaxon said in a happy voice from his carseat, "I feed a tiger raisins, Mama."


Andrea said...

Very cute!

Lara said...

Sounds like those boys are taking after their mama, who loves words so. :)

I don't think teenagers would like preschool much, either.

Suzanne said...

I think maybe teenagers might like preschool, they get kind of lazy during those years and preschool just might be their speed.
I love how your boys are always thinking, they are very smart!!! and of course a tiger would like raisins maybe someone should tell Seigfred and Roy (I am totally sure that is spelled wrong) just in case, you know for next time a tiget tries to eat one of them :).

Suzanne said...

that would be "tiger" spelled with an "r" not a "t".