Sunday, June 8, 2008

Legless Barbie and other joys

I have rolls in the oven (ambitious for me!) and the boys have just been put to bed (although they're actually jumping on their beds, as opposed to sleeping in them), so I thought now might be a good time to try and play catch-up!

The move went well. It was long and hairy, as moves are. I'm still working on getting all the miscellany put away, as it turns out, there is much miscellany to be placed. That's my least favorite part! But I have most parts of the house really clean, and I finally did the dishes today after having a two-day standoff with them. (I win!)

Savvy's birthday--May 31st--was so much fun! We had a few friends over; two of the families were friends we've already known, and one family our neighbors from across the street. I made Savvy's cake, made the frosting, and used baggies to decorate it. Although it was really kind of funny-looking, I liked it. :) My friend brought a cake for Savvy that was AWESOME--so I am including that photo, too. Savanna herself was kind of tired by the time we gave her a piece of "her" cake, so she wasn't nearly as enthused as I thought she'd be. She was so clean! Well, clean compared to how the boys ate their first-birthday cakes, at least. As for presents, I couldn't resist buying her a My Little Pony, and we got her a puzzle with handles on the pieces. (Her favorite thing right now is taking things out, putting things back, etc...)

The fourth room in our rental has been named The Studi
o. It has three windows, and it really is perfect for photography, although I do wish it were bigger, and had wood floors. (All in due time!) I've tested it with the kids, who were more than willing to help. Later on, I'll have to share a particular picture of Reed that made me guffaw. I asked him to imitate a character from one of the Roald Dahl books we've read. He did it flawlessly. (I'm waiting to find a picture of that character, so that I can make a side-by-side comparison.)

Savanna can stand on her own for a second, provided she's unaware she's doing it. Sometimes I help her "practice", but she seems mad when she realizes what I'm trying to get her to do. I'm not all that anxious for her to walk, anyway. But I think she'll be quite happy once she realizes how useful it is!

Lastly, because I can smell that my rolls are about done, I had never even heard of a splash pad before. Have you? Has everyone heard of them,
and I'm just strangely ignorant of them? Well, they are GENIUS! Our ward's play group meets once a week at one of the pads nearby, and the boys (and Savvy, too) love them!

This post was not nearly as cohesive and eloquent as the thirteen posts I composed during moving and offline boredom.

Enjoy the photos!

The awesome, uber-girly, Ballerina Barbie cake my friend made for Savvy. (She took off the Barbie's legs to get her on there like that. I thought that was the best part--Barbie maimed in the name of a good-looking cake. The girls in my family have a long and violent history with Barbies, including my younger sister being sent home for frequent grisly beheadings of Barbies, and culminating in our oh-so-mature teenage years highlighted by a fun game called Bop the Barbie. More on that if you ask.)

At the splash pad: Jaxon in the hat he hasn't taken off for longer than an hour since we got it....he sleeps in it. Later I'll post a photo of him with his sleeper on, AND the hat.

Savanna in her darling swimsuit.Reed, looking more boy and less baby by the second.

The cake I made for Savvy's first birthday. :)
A google-image photo of a splash pad, because the photo I had was not good enough.


The Graham Family said...

Happy Birthday little Savvy (I know it's a little late).
I am glad your move went well and you are liking where you are.
We still have little things that we need to find a place for and boxes that I just don't want to unpack and it's been almost a year since we moved.
I love the cake you made, my kids always like the homemade ones the best and they are always excited when I attempt to decorate them, I still remember the cakes my mom use to make me.

kathy said...

Splash pads look and sound like fun, especially in the sun. I can't believe Savanna is one. That went by fast. Sounds like you are doing great if you are making rolls, you must be moved in.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Splash pads are the best! They are adding them to 8 more parks down here too! Glad you are all settled and Savvy's cake looks awesome! Very impressive!

camilla said...

I think that the cake you made looks way good! I am a little upset that you call your extra room 'the studio' and not 'John and Camilla's room". :)
PS: You still need to give me Abby's e-mail...

chucknorris said...

if it makes you feel better, no i didn't know what a splash pad was. that google picture with the chunky kid in it cracks me up! maybe that's mean of me. :(
bye! :)

chucknorris said...

p.s. baby-hunger... as in, you want another baby?????