Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Obvious or subtle?

I'm wondering whether I will write myself better by fashioning my words in an obvious way, or leading one to conclusions through subtle weaving sentences. Do I write prettily, or do I sit down and simply stop when I've said It like It is? A mix of both would be suitable, I suppose.

I used to fill Mead notebooks with any thought that begged expression. Some entries were plain and simple, some were evocative and well-crafted. But each entry was honest, whether tactful or not. So maybe my concern shouldn't be how well I write, but how truthfully I write.

I haven't written this way--my filling-up-a-Mead-notebook way--for a long time. It's been necessary for a long time, though. So, whenever I feel like writing, whenever you feel like reading: See the wheels at work.


Phil said...

There is a parallel between words and paint .......... use words to "paint" pictures of your thoughts, memories and experiences .... the secret is to paint with words in such a way as all can see the same image .................

Luv ya


Melissa said...

Rae, You beauty and truth fan you. You are forever putting the wonder back into the everyday with your words.