Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick update

Reed takes his end-of-year tests this week. He's suuuper nervous.

Jaxon passed his sight-word test with flying colors.

Savvy is still talking about being a "school grill"

I'm still not ready to face that idea...

My sister's family is moving to El Paso this summer! (Us three oldest will be within 10 hours of each other! Now to get the two youngest...)

My dear Jenn is getting married in June--and I'm SO excited to be shooting the wedding.

Phill is moving forward with preparations to become a Physician's Assistant through the Army program.

We're expected to stay here in TX for five years. (We'll see; the Army is so unpredictable)

I go once a month to a writing workshop that I LOVE.

I got released as the Relief Society secretary and was called as a Webelos scout leader.

Reed is up to my chin.

Jaxon likes to play basketball with Phill.

Savvy enjoys having tea parties where she does the voice of an old British lady. (It's a riot.)

We're being blessed immeasurably with good friends here and beautiful surroundings.