Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is probably the most common subject matter for a post on January 1st.

I love setting goals. I love making lists. And I like reaching my goals. But I tend to bite off (way) more than I can chew, and I think I may have learned my lesson (enough) to keep it simple this time around. My goals for this year, which I share in the interest of accountability, are:

To read the scriptures every day 

Our familial scripture-reading efforts are actually coming along quite nicely, but I often forget to do my own personal reading. There's such a marked difference in my mood and my capacity to handle frustrations when I read the scriptures every day, it's baffling to me that I so often neglect to perform this simple act! Another reason I've implemented this goal is because of Elder Scott's conference talk HERE. I read it only recently, and it has impacted me in a major way.

To make a habit of not yelling at my children

I suspect this goal will be easier when sought after in conjunction with the first goal. Again, my days are so different when I'm mindful of how I express myself.

To take better care of my body

I have a loose idea of what I'll be doing to take better care of my body, and I could list the particulars, but I'm not willing to tell myself that if I don't do X amount of workouts in X amount of time, I've failed. That's where I go wrong! That's where I quit! So I'm simply making a commitment to be moderate--moderate with my eating, moderate with my activity/laziness. Kind to myself, but not kidding myself. I'm certainly in need of some major lifestyle changes, but I know, too, that I need to ease into such major change. I'm doing this to nurture myself, not to punish myself.

Happy New Year's Day! What are your goals this year?


Christy said...

I laughed. Your first 2 goals are my first 2 goals. This year I'm doing things different though. I read the Happiness Project last year and it inspired me to do a project of my own that's gospel based. So I found a friend and we've set up mutual spiritual goals for the year (one each month) and similar personal goals and then we set up weekly plans for our goals and are going to keep each other motivated! My first months goals are scriptures and no yelling! lol I'm also using a site called to remind me daily what I should be reading. It keeps track and even lets you have teams so you and friends can work together and challenge each other. Anyway, I'd love to talk to you about your no yelling goal. Maybe we can collaborate on ways to motivate ourselves or share things that work and don't work. I need help on this one!

Rae said...

Christy, I would love to collaborate with you!! And I've been using, because I saw it on your Facebook page. :)

Qait said...

Oh yeah...yelling...
That's ALWAYS been one of my goals....
As in, the challenge is always there! :) I do okay. I just really hate it when I crack.

Rae said...

Q, I think the biggest thing for me about yelling is that when I have a good streak, and then break that streak, I get so upset at myself and then keep doing it. I know for me personally that if I say my apologies and let it go, I'm more likely to continue in the quieter vein of before!