Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friend Series: Camilla Davies

[My additions in brackets and italics.]

How do you know Rae?
Rachel and I met at church.  I invited her over for a bbq, she said that her husband was deployed, so maybe she'd come another time.  I remember on her husband's first time in church, I was sick.  My husband told me that he was home.  I asked my husband what he looked like and he said, "red hair and freckles".  And I said, "ugh, but Rachel's so pretty!" [This cracks me up!!]

What do you do for a living?

I raise and grow children.  I put my life to a halt to throw up for 20 weeks to grow one.  And then I love and nurture them and tell them to stop growing every day. [It's true, guys. For such a long time, all she could eat was Cheerios.]

What do you want to be when you grow up? (Translation: What is your dream?)
My husband and I want to own a bed and breakfast.  Where I can decorate every room with hand made items.  And I can bake and bake and bake until my heart is content, and fill the bellies of the passer-byers and friends we make who stay with us.  [I'll come and stay. You don't have to make me.]

Tell us about the people you love.
I love people who help me to grow, and love and support me through hard times.  My husband is the #1 person who I love, I have told him that with my issues, most men would have left me by now.  Sometimes, he agrees (and that's okay).  I only have a few close friends.  My closest friends who I have ever made in this world are Rachel and Robyn.  They are the best part of my family, because they are my CHOSEN family.  Flesh and blood family, you get stuck with, so you love them.  Friends who turn into family are the best kind, because you have chosen them to be your family.  [I love you so much. You are definitely family.]

What interests you?
This seems like a hard one, with 3 kids, do I really have TIME for interests?  I love to paint.  Not the artistic, paint pictures of people and scenes painting, but painting furniture and things to decorate my house.  I LOVE IT.  I never do anymore, because there is no more furniture in my house left to paint.  But I love it.  Lately I have become interested in reading.  My husband works full time and goes to school.  I have developed reading as my evening hobby when he's doing homework.  I am growing to love it! [I'm glowing with pride.]
What five things make life sweet for you? What really makes you happy?
1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear my kids playing sweetly and laughing.  It is the best sound in the world.
2.  Nice weather.  Right now, Flagstaff is starting to come alive with the colors of fall, and it is so beautiful.  I love to be in a quiet nature setting where I can fell at peace and out of the world.
3. I am not in shape right now, but when I am, nothing makes me feel better than a nice long run.  The kind of run where you can go and go and sweat and sweat and never even have to stop running until your time is up.  It's such a fabulous feeling.
3. Ice Cream or popcorn with candy corns, husband, and a really good movie.  Need I say more?
4. Spending time with old friends, and realizing that we are still as close as we were before we parted.  Even though time has passed, and life has changed, seeing that we still love each other just as much as we always have is a good feeling.
5. Making other people happy.  Doing something for someone that they didn't expect and that makes them so happy just makes you feel good inside. 
*bonus*  Making my husband laugh.  He has the BEST laugh, and when I can do something that makes him laugh, it's so good.  It feels like love. [LOVE this.]

Do you have a phobia?
I am SO SCARED of spiders.  It's horrible.  I can't look at pictures of them, don't talk about them, don't tell me one is around unless it dead.  I have no idea where this came from, but it's bad.  I am also scared of heights.  The Farris wheel SCARES me.  I go on it with my kids and pretend it doesn't.  But I'm terrified the whole time. [Are you also scared of Halloween decorations that involve spiders?]
Do you have a favorite book?
Jane Eyre.  I know it's a popular book, so it's not original of me, but at least it's not Twilight, right?  I read it last week and I LOVE IT.  (spoiler alert)  When Jane left MR. Rochester, after he was begging her to stay, a part of me died inside.  I finished that chapter, and went to bed.  I couldn't read on.  It was to dramatic, and romantically sad, it crushed me.  When Jane said something about how she has to much respect for herself to stay and be a mistress, i was just like WOW.  For the first day, I was certain that I would have stayed.  But then in an instant, I remembered a relationship that I could have married into, but felt like I deserved, needed better.  So I didn't stay.  I guess there is a little Jane inside of me after all. [I HATE that you don't live one street away anymore, because upon reading this, I would grab my copy of Jane Eyre, run over to your house, and proceed to engage you in the most nerdy book-loving conversation ever. I love, love, love Jane Eyre. Also--just would like to mention--the movie? The movie recently made? It's good. Really good. They did an incredible job.]

What is one technological advance you wish hadn't taken place?
Their might be others, but off the top of my head I'm going to say cell phones w/texting and internet.  EVERYONE is always on their phones, and it makes me crazy.  And people text like crazy.  It's just not necessary.  I feel like it makes people lazy.  For the record, I hardly text at all. [I agree. As much as I'm no one to talk, I'm really striving to be more present and less hooked to my phone. A person can go days without looking someone in the eyes, lost in a phone. Ridiculous.]

Hypothetical question: You've been imprisoned in a 10x10 cement cell, a political prison for dissenters of the dystopian, futuristic culture where this hypothetical situation takes place. You are allowed exactly three things. What three things have you chosen to bring with you? Feel free to elaborate, or to just leave your answers as-is.
I'm going to assume that this is a last minute gathering of objects.  If I were to look around my house have have to collect 3 objects, I would choose, the most recent photo album, to pine over photos of my children and my husband, a notebook and pencil to journal my life, and Lily's stuffed puppy.  Lily loves her puppy so much, that it would bring me a lot of comfort and love.  :) [I love Lily's puppy.]

If you ever imagine a utopian society, what is that society like? What kind of government (if any)? What sorts of houses, countries, etc?
I think that a utopian society would be less modern, and more old school.  People eat more naturally, there are community farms and everyone trades their produce, and everyone has an abundance of everything.  If someone is found guilty of a crime, than an eye for an eye will be payment.  There would be lots of land, and no cell phones.  If you needed to talk to someone, you would walk to their house and sit and talk, one on one, with eye contact and everything! [Camilla....can you build your bed and breakfast on the farm that I'll live on one day?]

What do you think is the most important thing a human being can contribute to this life?
As a mother, I'm going to say children.  But not just any children.  I don't think that people should just push children out and do minimum.  Have children, teach them right from wrong, teach them to look both ways when crossing the street, to say 'excuse me' to be kind and have common sense.  These things are lacking in society today.  To contribute in a positive way to society by giving it another functional, smart human being is a good contribution. [LOVE. And for the record, you're doing an incredible job at this.]

Camilla, please expound on the Cotton Ball Incident.
**Phill HATES cotton balls, he can't bare the touch of them.**
Once upon a time, Rachel asked my husband and I if we could come over and babysit Reed and Jaxon while she picked Phill up after he'd been away with the Army for an extended period.  So we happily agreed.  Happily, because we also brought with us, a large, un-opened bag of cotton balls.  As soon as Rachel left, we sprung into action.  We used a movie or something to distract the boys, and then went into Phill's bedroom.  We put cotton balls under the sheets, in his drawers, in his socks, and everywhere we could think of to hide them to leave him with an unpleasant surprise.  It was fabulous, and we laughed the WHOLE WAY HOME. [I must elaborate. When Phill discovered the cotton balls, he picked them up like a cat would touch something that weirded them out--quick, and just with the tips of his fingers. Shuddering and jumping back as it would fall to the floor. And Camilla didn't mention that each cotton ball had an evilly-smiling Sharpie face drawn on it! The best detail by far.]

What is your favorite memory with Rae? 
As I was thinking of this, trying to figure it out, it hit me: CHRISTMAS!  The time Rachel came and stayed for Christmas with Reed and Jaxon.  We had so much fun!  Reed napped on the ground on a pile of blankets with our dog, we cooked, ate, went and took pictures of the Christmas lights.  While opening Christmas Eve presents, we burnt the cookies we wanted to take to the OB unit.  We really did nothing big in particular, but it was the best Christmas of my life.  *tears* [Phill was deployed, and I was horrified at the thought of spending Christmas anywhere but John and Camilla's. They fed my soul continuously through the visit, and cuddled my boys, and made me laugh and let me cry. It is one of my sweetest, most favorite, memories.]

What is your weirdest memory with Rae? (Man, I am really taking a leap here....)
Going to Bisque it!  In Cedar City.  And EVERY TIME we went, the lady who owned it was watching the SAME HARRY POTTER.  And we'd sit there and talk bad about her behind our breath... [It's true. It's pretty weird that we kept going there.]

Why did you agree to do this interview? (Really, why? My questions are not terribly genius. They read a lot like a drivel-filled forwarded they?)
Cause I'm friggin' bored and today is the longest day of my LIFE.
 I chose this picture of Camilla, because it's one I took that Christmas that I was visiting, and I love that I can see the real goodness of her spirit in her face. Camilla blogs at honesty, sarcasm, and humor; but it's only my opinion!


Christine said...

That was awesome! You can tell Phil I have that same hatred of cotton balls, as she was describing what they did, I was cringing imagining having to touch all those cotton balls.

Qait said...

That was great! I love Camilla.

Qait said...

In fact, I especially love her for loving you. And sometimes I'm jealous of your friends for the chances they get to help you and love you in person.