Monday, July 11, 2011

not Goodbye, just See-You-Later

After thoughtful consideration and prayer, and realizing I need my energy for other matters at this time, I decided not to run the marathon this year. I'm perfectly at peace with that decision. Jenn will continue to train and complete the marathon on her own, and I am so glad that she's going to! I've decided to change the marathon blog to private; Jenn and I were (obviously) not so good at keeping it updated and I'd like to lessen the pressure for both of us to keep it current for now.

And on to the other things on my mind:

Tomorrow the movers will come and pack us up. I've cried numerous times in the past several days, but on Saturday evening (after a non-functioning air-conditioning unit, a surprise flu-ish sickness that hit me like a ton of bricks, and not much rest in general with the excitement of family visiting) I had a bit of a breakdown. I asked Phill and my brother-in-law, Eric, to give me a priesthood blessing. They willingly did so and while I still feel sad, and still feel some of the physical effects that my nervous stomach tends to take on during times like this, I am overall hopeful. I know we can do this. I know we are and will be watched over. I'm anxious about much of the unknown. I still wish we didn't have to do this. But we must--and so we're trying to see the possibilities, the light, and just accept what comes.

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to blog in the next month. Our schedule is mostly decided, but still somewhat loose. I plan to write posts in a notebook, which I will transcribe when we have regular internet access--or if I get a quiet moment at a computer some time before then.

This is the (provided nothing goes awry or changes on the fly) plan:
Tuesday (tomorrow) the movers come and pack us up.
Wednesday they pack us up some more. (?)
Thursday we load up, and after the home has been inspected, we will go up to Salt Lake City and stay with my parents in their (brand-spanking-new) home.
August 1st--or earlier, depending on how our visiting goes in Northern Utah, and how sane we are (ha....haaa....), we leave for TX. I don't know if it will take us 2 days, 4 days, or 5. But when we arrive, we'll stay in Lawton, Oklahoma with my sister, Liz, her husband, Pat, and their four beautiful children. (And a cat named Hector! How darling is that?) We will travel the 3 hours to Grand Prairie to look for a place, and when we find one, we'll move in! Then....hopefully internet will be close to follow. And sanity, and serenity, and order, and normalcy. :)

I am grateful for our time here in St. George, and grateful for our time in Utah. I have been blessed with some choice friends, salt-of-the-earth, so to speak. My heart aches when I think of living so far from them, but I know, too, that they are loyal and will be good about keeping in touch! (You hear me, you loyal friends? Hear me? hahahha....) 

So. Forward with faith it is. Tally-ho and such.

To my dear friends in St. George--'til we meet again. 

(I forgot to mention!! I DO receive emails on my phone, and though it's a bit laborious to answer them from the phone, in this way I AM reachable....and of course through phone calls and text. If you don't have my number, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you.) 


Heidi said...

I'm not having luck commenting - we'll try again.

Rest stop in Denton en route from Lawton to GP, I'll have goodies for you to snack on and a yard for kids to get wiggles out!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Good luck on your ventures!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...
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The Leishman's said...

My darling Rae!!! I truely feel as though your one of my best friends.. I know I can come to you and your trust will always be there. You feel like a safe place. I want you to know that I LOVE you and Phil!! You two provide me with a strength and security that I am forever grateful for!! I'm so saddened by your leaving! You are one of Heavenly Fathers elete. Where ever you go lives will be blessed! I wish you the best of happiness!! I will always cherish our times together! You ARE a true friend. I love you.
Love MER

Abby said...

I am so, so grateful you will be near Liz and Heidi. If you have to be further from me, I couldn't pick two better sisters to take care of you!!

Kristy said...

Will miss you :( But there's always bloggerville and Facebook and ya never know when you might pass this way again :)