Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Women of Recklessness and Kids of Iron

Back in January, I promised my dear friend Jenn that I would run the marathon this year if she would. At the time, I didn’t expect her to say yes—it was a rather reckless phrase that just tumbled out of my mouth with no preamble. It was strange. I didn’t even think it first, just—POP!—out it went, into the atmosphere, never to be retracted.

But as quickly as I said it, she replied even quicker, “YES-I’LL-DO-IT.” And then covered her mouth with a gasp, terrified at the words.

I checked the lottery results today, and it looks like I’ll need to follow through—we made it in!

This will be my second and Jenn’s first. I’m both comforted and terrified by the fact that I’ve done it before. Terrified because I know what to expect, and comforted because I know what to expect. :) Terrified because I will need to fly back to Utah to make good on my promise, and comforted because I will have a friend with me when I do it. Terrified to train during such a crazy-busy summer, then in low-elevation Texas, and run a marathon in high-elevation Utah. Comforted to have something to keep my mind healthy in the midst of the relocation.

On Saturday, St. George had the Ironman. It was (like last year) incredible to watch the bikers go past only about a quarter-mile from our house. The kids and I went to go watch, and just like last year, I was choked up and teary-eyed the whole time, alternately taking photos and saying things like, “Oh my goodness, oh, be still my heart” and so on. :) It is so moving to me to see firsthand the determination and persistence these people possess, and the abject exhaustion they experience. In my less-sane moments I think things like, “I want to do that one day” or “I should really learn to swim and bike better” or “what if I did that next year”…..anyway.

This year, the boys wanted to do the Ironman Kids Fun Run, which takes place the night before the actual Ironman. They were lucky to run with Jadyn and Kai, the older two kids of my Sarah. :) Reed did the 1-mile, and Jaxon did the 200m dash. I will openly admit to crying when they both finished. It was epic to me. I’m happy for them to glean joy from running, whether it’s something they’ll continue or not. I’m happy that they felt a sense of accomplishment and did something new and potentially frightening.
 Ironman003 Ironman005 Ironman006 Ironman012 Ironman035 Ironman039 Ironman040 Ironman043 Ironman056 Ironman061 Ironman078 Ironman086 Ironman097 Ironman101 Ironman177Ironman163 Ironman168 Ironman171 Ironman174
Ironman182 Ironman183 Ironman228 Ironman229 Ironman230 Ironman234 Ironman244


Sarah said...

Those are stinking adorable! Oh.my.word! (And I totally cried too!)

chucknorris said...

oh my word! this is awesome!!!
hey... she said the exact same thing... oh well!

Qait said...

Oh my word!

...just kidding.

:D Sorry.

I love this, it's fantastic! I love how they look so proud of themselves!!! It makes me so happy that they got to do that!

Marie Photographie said...

How awesome is that! Those pictures are priceless and so joyful!

Kelly said...

SO cool! Don't you wish everyone would love running? It's the best. Good luck over the summer. I wish I could fly back to Utah to watch. :(

P.S. great pics. I love race pictures more than anything!

Shayanne Snodgress said...

I loved looking at these pictures!! And I'm so excited for you to come back for the marathon. I will be routing for you!

Lara said...

I always cry about things like that, too. Or watching plays. I cry a lot, even if it isn't particularly sad. Because, I don't even know why!

Love the pictures.

Congrats on the marathon, you crazy girl!

Liz said...

I loved reading this, Rae! And the pictures are wonderful! I was reading along, thinking "Yeah, I would feel really touched too if my kids ran in a race . . . " and then when I saw that picture of Reed with his arms outstretched and the look of pure joy I WAS very touched--Oh, my goodness. I just LOVE it and feel this strong desire to BE THERE . . . Oh. AND THEN! When I saw little Jaxon from the back, running along, I almost laugh-cried! You know what I mean?! And I also love what you captured with Savvy!
It is so great that your boys could do this! And Congratulations on making it for the St. George marathon again! That's so awesome!