Friday, January 7, 2011

The case of the rogue sock wrinkle

For Thanksgiving just a couple months ago, we decided to go to California to see my sister, Abby, and her family. The trip there is six hours, and about four hours in, we were ready for a break. We stopped at an Arby's, got our orders (which were fantastically disgusting, I'd like to say) and sat down at a table. There was only one more family in the dining area, sitting all the way across the room from us.

So we sit down, and we're all happy and eating, and then Savvy starts to cry. And then panic. And she's yelling (loud enough for it to reverberate off the walls of the place), "My foot! There's something on my foot! My foooot!!" So Phill quickly comes to the rescue, unlacing her pink Converse and sliding it off.

With shaky hands, she reaches down, and we can see that her sock has sort of slipped and formed a little fold, an annoying little bump near the toe. She whips the sock off, and then laughs with relief, actually near tears in her happiness. Then, feeling free and joyous, she yells loudly enough for all to hear, "OH! It was just a NIPPLE! A nipple in my shoe!" 

I'm still puzzling that one out.


Christy said...

Too funny!

Qait said...


That's even more hilarious than when you told me in person! I thought for some reason you were in a grocery store or WalMart. :| Where'd that come from?

So funny.

Kelly said...

I wish I had a better response to leave, but all that is coming to mind is, "???"

chucknorris said...

haha! i want to know what the other family thought :)

The Taylors said...

LV walked up to Y the other day and in a slightly paniced voice said, "there is something on my foot and it wont come off." So we examine it. nothing. He points to a MOLE, which he has had for... well... 3 YEARS, and says, "Oh its justa black nipple".

Suzanne said...

Oh my!! That is sad and funny at the same time. Sad because it sounds like she was terrified and funny because she said it was a nipple. Bless her little heart, it makes me want to hug her.

Rae said...

Maddie--the other family just pretended they didn't notice, though I'm sure they did.
Annie--that is HILARIOUS!!