Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Year in Quick Review

ZERO- the amount of diapers I've changed today....because yes, Savanna is POTTY-TRAINED!

ONE deployment that miraculously never happened (praise be)

TWO pets that came and went (Simon the feral cat--good riddance--and Penny the sweet boxer--we still really miss her)

 THREE - the number of visits this year that I have been privileged to get with my sister, Abby, and her family (This number could be incorrect....but for the sake of this format, let's assume it's not.)

FOUR - now the number of hours (half what it used to take) to travel to my little sister, Qait

FIVE - five people in our family, and I can honestly say I'm (finally) perfectly happy with that number staying right where it is--unless I change my mind.

SIX - the number of friends or family of mine who are pregnant or just birthed a baby (this has been both beneficial and detrimental in the whole Baby Hunger department, as you can imagine)

SEVEN - the measly number of posts I've done since the beginning of October

EIGHT - the age of my oldest son. Still trying to get my head around this one.

NINE - the number of years Phill and I have been married--today! (It has been beautiful)

TEN - the number of posts I aim to do each month (I know you've seen this resolve from me before, but this time I'm following through. Call me on it.)


Abby said...

Cute! I think three is right. Reunion, July, Thanskgiving. And last year was three too!! But in a much shorter time span. Three from July to December last year. :D Moving, Thanskgiving and Christmas.

Abby said...

Why can I see your Lavender House Post in Google Reader and not on your blog? I want to comment on it!

Suzanne said...

Love it!!

Marie Photographie said...

Very fun read!

Andrea said...

Happy belated anniversary. :)

From My Eyes said...

I hate to do this too you, but you ought to update and one more to the number of friends expecting. heehee.

chucknorris said...

cute format! you're so creative