Friday, October 22, 2010

Many things:

1. I am suffering from Perfectionist's Paralysis, hence the absence of closer-together posting. I know that's lame. I want to write more. I need to write more. Maybe I should set aside one or two days a week specifically for writing? At least a little something? Thoughts, my patient friends?

2. We are well out of the toddler stage with Savanna, at least age-wise (let's not talk about fit-throwing), and honestly, it is killing me. The fact that we have no more baby-babies in this house...*sigh*'s going to take a while, I think, for this to be okay with me. For that small spot of aching to dissipate. In the meantime, I am trying to adjust my mind to the upcoming project of potty-training, and trying to get excited about this new stage of family life we're easing into.

3. I love Pandora. So, so much. It has been guiding me through editing the last five shoots I've done, four of which still need to be tied up in a nice neat package for delivery. Guess what? On one of those shoots, we were on the roof. And in the street. And making tires spew copious amounts of smoke. And there were hair models, and my cousins, and a scooter. Epic. What I have been referring to as a "breakthrough" shoot. [A shoot that overwhelmingly reaffirms why I do this and love this and want to keep DOING this]

4. Savvy has Croup, and it's sad. I had her at the doctor two days in, where she was given a dose of meds to head it off, so she's mostly over it. But at night, it's still bad, since all the crap [why don't they just call it Crap?] moves into her throat and she can't quite cough it up without lots of struggle. I'm praying Jax doesn't catch it, and grateful that Reed is pretty much above the age where it does him much harm.

5. Reed will be 8 in less than a month. I'm telling you, seeing it coming doesn't make it any less mind-boggling. [Why am I always so surprised that my children grow? No one told me they wouldn't. Quite the contrary, in fact.]

6. Have I mentioned this [on my blog here] yet? If not, click on over and please PLEASE feel free to sign up to be a part of it! This idea speeds up my heart rate and makes my cheeks go rosy; I am so happy to start. I feel like I've finally found at least a beginning direction for all this....creative angst?....that keeps threatening to come pushing out of my eye sockets if I don't channel it somehow!

7. I will write again soon. A little formulating, I think, and then a plan of attack. [Funny, this is a rather logical way of going about a creative endeavor, don't you think?]


Abby said...

Well out of the toddler stage with Savvy and here we are well INTO the toddler stage with Becca. It's such a continuous surprise to me. We were in the car tonight and the girls were each talking my ear off and then I here, "Mom? Blah-blah-blah-dee-doo-dee-doo..." Or something like that! :D

I too am blown away that our kids just continue growing. EIGHT?! Really?

Yes, a VERY logical way of going about a creative endeavor. I love it.

Marie Photographie said...

I love Pandora, too! I can't wait to see more pictures from your rooftop photoshoot. I didn't miss it, did I?

Anna said...

Except for seeing the picture and poem you had blogged here, I didn't know about your project. It sounds amazing, and if you need another...

Christy said...

I'm so excited about your project. You are so very talented. AND, though potty training is daunting and bittersweet, (my heart keeps aching feeling there should be a baby in the house to replace the baby Sylvie used to be) I have to admit...I love hearing the bathroom door shut and the toilet flush and the pitter patter of little feet running back out to play...and I didn't have to do a thing!