Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Next (drumroll, please)

I've relaxed on the couch since the marathon. I was pleased to find that after day three, I really wasn't sore anymore! Then I went for a run a week after, just a little 2-mile run, and let me tell was ugly. I felt SO uncoordinated, SO stiff, SO slow, and just really out of it in general. And then I was very, very sore the next day. Like painful-sore. So I have rested some more, not all that unwillingly!

But I have decided I need another goal to keep me running/working out/not sitting on the couch all the time doing nothing but eating Halloween candy way before Halloween.

I found my next goal:

Some runners have the mistaken belief that the 5K is an “easy” race because of its relatively short distance. If you have run a 5K at the best pace you can you know that statement is very far from the truth. Performing well at the 5K distance requires a mix of speed, speed endurance, strength, running economy and mental toughness that can only be obtained through a well structured training program.


I feel like I have a pretty good grip on the endurance thing. But speed endurance? Speed itself? Oh, no, speed is not my forte. So I'd like to get faster, and that is what I will be trying to do when I run a 5K in January. (Am I obnoxious yet? This running stuff/goal-setting stuff is addictive!) We did the 5K all the time in cross-country, and sadly, my very best time was something like 32 minutes. (3.2 miles....this is a ten-minute-mile pace) I'd be really happy, though, to get to that pace again, as I ran the marathon at an average pace of a 16-minute mile! Don't get me wrong--I'm proud of what I did. I just want to become a little faster now. And I am SO ready to have shorter training runs. No more 4-hour Saturday mornings for me.

Oh, and in case my glaring status on Facebook wasn't enough, do note that I posted on my photography blog today. It's here.

By the way: Have I mentioned how much I have loved all your sweet comments on my marathon post? You fill my heart to bursting....:)


My Family said...

I remember running for the first time after my half marathon and I only made it one mile, you literally have to start all over, I don't get it but you do. I hear ya with the speed thing, I usually average a 10 min. mile but at my race last yr. I did 13 min. mile, I attribute that to the walking I did at mile 10, my legs completely cramped up and I thought death sounded better that finishing the race :) My goal this yr is to finish the race with a ten min mile average and really the only way to improve your speed is to do interval training, I am sure you know what that is but if you don't go to and they give you tips, you WILL get faster I promise and good luck to you with your 5k, I think they only SOUND easy when you compare it to a marathon :). I wish I lived closer, then we could be running partners, I wish I had someone to train with, I think it would be fun!!!

Qait said...

Cool! That's what's supposed to happen, right? More goals? Yay!
I almost think speed can be scarier than distance. Once I've hit that special point, I could go forever (with swimming, at least). Speedily, though, whoa... that's a new dimension! :D