Monday, March 23, 2009


Guess what's happening today? Something exciting. Something really exciting. Remember how I bemoaned the state of our backyard? The swirling red dust and cement focal point?

When Phill has to go away for six weeks, the Army likes to say they're sorry by giving you some money. So we got a sweet little chunk (little, but oh-so-sweet) for his San Antonio sojourn. And we're using a bit of it to put down sod in our bowling-alley backyard today.

We don't care that we're renting. We don't care that we'll probably move in 2010. We just want some green, and we had some green, so we used the green to buy some green.....right now. Instead of waiting to have my built-in-the-eighties green-shag-carpet duckie-wallpaper huge-backyard house.


I wonder how the owners of our house will feel. Think we'll get in trouble? "How DARE you put sod in our backyard and increase the value of our home?! What were you thinking?!" Home-Owners Association should have no problem with it; the edge of the grass won't even show beyond the side of the house.

So yay, a little bit of green! Now if only I could have this genius come and paint us a mural on that ugly grey cement wall.....trying to think of a creative way to dress it up without annoying future renters/current owners.

By the way. I found the ambitious version of my dream home. In the historic part of St.George, on 1/4 of an acre, with 100-year-old trees and a swing in the front yard and claw-footed tubs and original moldings and WOO having a heart attack just remembering it. It's a story for another post. I took pictures. I went inside. And when you hear just how expensive it was not, but still out of our financial reach, you might cry too.


Suzanne said...

You should prob. talk to your landlords and see if they will knock off some of your rent, that's only fair right?
I know all to well about the ugly cinderblock wall, you could get some big pretty pots and put some pretty plants in them, up against your walls, then you could take them when you go.
I can't wait to see some picks of the house you found.

Kelly said...

So excited about the green! It's good on so many levels. Less dust and sand in the house! I know all about that with my other houses that didn't have grass. Any-hoo, I want you to look at my RS blog and get your opinion. I also set up a Give and Take blog, but I'm not sure how to run it to it's full potential... you'll see it. Go to

Heidi said...

YES, ask your landlord about a rent break, ours have always been great about taking money off for anything we do to improve the house.

And I want to see the dream house! I love old houses, is there a listing for it online?