Thursday, August 9, 2007

New place

We're quickly settling into our new home, and I'm smitten by it. My most favorite feature of this place: Because of how the house is placed, we don't get direct sunlight from East or West. But because we have so many windows, we get Southern light pouring in for most of the day. It's like melted butter. And it's not direct, harsh light, so it doesn't make the house hot. It's perfect--just the right amount of light, and the right kind. The boys have been outside a lot, because the backyard is fenced-in. They go in and out at will, for the most part. And probably my second favorite thing about this place: The bookshelves fit in the living room. So when people walk in, they know right away one of my top favorite things to do! (Whereas before, the bookshelves were in Jaxon's bedroom.) And lastly....the house was built three years ago, and is really well insulated, so we don't have to have the A/C on 68 for it to feel like 73. We have it on 73, and it feels like 73. Very pleasant. More to say than I've got time for. Back later.

*Just finished re-reading HP#4, starting to re-read HP#5....getting closer and closer to unread #7!!! No spoilers, please.

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Crystal said...

I love that image: "it's like melted butter". Sounds like delicious light! :)